LOVE, AGE, RACE and Distance

Love, as we all know, is a feeling that is not predictable, when you fall in its path; it is hard to fall out of it, when it is genuine. Age on the other hand is sometime that shows yearly if not daily, it is easy to predict and no matter how old you get, there is something or someone to love. With the advancement in technology, the world has become a global village making it possible for people of different races, ages and genders to bind closer and stronger at heart.

In some developed countries, people of different races and ages coming together to form a union is seen as a thing of joy and harmony; although this ideology is spreading fast globally, in this part of the world, people still frown on it. When a young man falls in love with a woman older than he is, it trends and people cast disgusting comments, yet a great grandfather can date a great granddaughter and get away with it even if there is no love to give.  

Many people are lonely today because they are looking for the same age group lover or the same race perfect love, when there is someone of a difference age and race is waiting to love and adore you. Your lover does not have to necessarily be your own race or age, she may be older and of a different color, and he may be twenty years younger, as long as you both love and care about each other and confide in one another, then I think nothing should stop the happiness that the union brings.

However, there is still racism in the world and age still matters in the online community, colors still matters in determining whom to love, so is age. There are still people who are afraid to make friends with a different race for no reason, they do not want to hear what they have to say, and their skin color is a taboo in the ears, with negative ideologies that they just cannot let go off and the age difference usually just gives it the sickening look.

While loving someone so far away back in the 90s may have seemed difficult to do, with new technological designs, people can feel closer. With the aide of new state of the art gadgets and apps, people have become closer than they were centuries ago, therefore  persons looking for love and care online, are hundred percent certain to find love if they sincerely let their heart to it forgetting skin colors, age, cultures, religion and political view and are truthful to one another.

You can feel much happier talking to someone daily, than for you to have no one to talk to at all. Moreover, with video calls and virtual reality cams you can even make it real and believable to bind at heart. Do not use distance and age as an excuse not to find the love of your life, love this days happen between two living far apart, when it happen sex means little to the heart. With strong love, and daily words expressing how you truly feel about each other, you can build an unbreakable bound stronger than you can imagine. 

Therefore, find love on the opposite and give it your best, it may just be the best thing of your life. Do not let fear and unexplained hatred passed on by ancestors hinder your love and joy, free your mind and open your heart to love. Age has no place in the heart when it is truly opened to loving and caring, it breaks all barriers and travel any distance to ensure the happiness of those involve .

So find someone to love and hold on to, build a relationship that is trustworthy with respect for each other, you will just be filling that empty lonely void in your heart with love again.

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