Welcoming Message

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Power in Numbers Blog, my name is Eggy Jonson (Online Name), a development economist but writing poetry and short stories is something I also love doing very much. I am from Africa, and I have to tell you, in Africa we have strong feelings about things in generally and this is because of the events that happen around us. Although we are catching up fast with the new world, we still have many stories to tell that will blow your minds, and those are the kind of stories I want to share with you daily.

This is not the best blog write up in Africa, the English may not be all too good, but please just try and connect with the stories because they are real events, there are some that will make you smile and happy, and there will be many that will make you tear up emotionally. However you may feel, it is my desire to awaken the human in you through this media so that you feel the world from this part of the world through the stories you read. Then we can all build a common medium, by sharing what you have read, heard and seen on this platform with others, so that we can help shape the world and make it happier for everyone.

Hunger is still an epidemic in Africa regardless of the natural resources and work power that we have in the continent, the political leadership and the lack of awareness in so many rural areas and urban areas is a major hindrance to the development of Africa. This blog will uncover hidden truth in the modern digital Africa and show you the beauty and the beast in Africa with words, images and videos. So that everyone can come together and join forces with Grosche Farm Foundation to raise funds to tackle hunger, injustice and widespread of Hepatitis B and other diseases killing children who cannot afford the proper means.

Subject matters will vary on this platform, from love and hate, family and marriages, children and parents, race and age, technology and culture to religion and politics, leaders and followers, and to the smallest feeling deep within the hearts of men. Readers definitely have right to not agree with whatever may be posted on the blog, therefore it will be very nice of readers to drop their comments and opinions so that we can all learn from each other. Although we all have freedom of speech, readers should be mindful of their languages and respect other’s opinion on subject matters. The core objective of the blog is to create a healthy online community for a better world on the outside; therefore, each reader should be kind and friendly in their remarks to one another.

Readers who wish to publish their write-ups or ask questions about anything of interest on this platform should click on the contact space and leave their messages or send an email using the email provided. 

Thank you for taking your time out to read and share stories posted on the site, it will be a great pleasure to provide you with cheerful stories and videos that will warm your heart continuously. As you read, always remember there is someone that needs your help however little that help may be, someone here needs it to make him or her cheerful as well by being healthy. So let us read and share, that way we will all be stronger as we increase in numbers of those making the world better to live for the children. Welcome, to the Power in Numbers.

Happy reading

Eggy Jonson

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