When You Feel Low

I am not worthy of love and happiness
Yes you are, do not bury yourself in self-pity
Oh please go away, you evil emptiness
I am everywhere in this unhappy city
You may be everywhere but leave my mind
You are lonely; depression is all you will find

In your heart, searching for a lover and a friend
Yes, I know! In this darkness, I have love and I am fine
Oh please! If you have love, why drink more wine?
To forget this pain I find hard to bury or bend
Aha! So you are lost in the city, with no one to care.

I have friends and family, that love and care for me
Where are they now? I am the only friend you have
But with you am always feeling worthless and angered
It is true, that is because of what you feed me daily
What more can I feed you with, when everything doesn’t go my way?

Try feeding me with happiness and laughter
Too many bills to pay for me to be laughing
Try feeding me with hopes and dreams
I gave that up when no one would believe
Try feeding me with faith and persistence
My faith is long dead; there is no courage left.

You are wrong, there is a light inside
Reach for the switch and it will come on
Brighter than the sun and stronger than
The king of the jungle, all you have to do is reach for it
Just drop the bottle and preach love
To yourself, for everyone is worthy of love

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