Life in Candy Crush

People often tell me, that I play too much of Candy Crush during my free times and resting periods and that the game is meant for girls. I just smile when I hear this, but in my head, I know there is something I am learning. A lesson, deeper than just crushing candies in the game. I see Candy Crush as a game of life and determination. This may be wrong to some of you, but I know it’s true for me…now look at it this way…the game is entertaining and almost addictive, sometimes when you start you just want to continue and forget the world and her many problems.
Although the game offers you a limited life span of just five trials… if you are very good, you can play all the stages with just these five lives… In real life, you have several options to succeed…the ones that are very good in whatever options they’ve picked do excellently well in what they do, with just that option. Which is similar to passing through the different stages of Candy Crush with just one live out of five, of which we all know it is not possible but may be doable. That is one way I view Candy Crush…
Again, in Candy Crush, when you start, the obstacles are few and easy to pass, you may just be feeling cool with yourself and say, ooh it is easy. Then the game starts changing, more difficult stages begin to unfold and you start cracking your head to create those candy blasts to get through…to some people it is fun…to some, this is when the challenge starts and it creates the big problem. This is similar to life experiences, when you start the race you are faced with the easy tasks, until the next stage unfold itself and then you feel like giving up. There will always be obstacles that will prevent you from getting to that next stage, to stop you from attaining that goal you want to achieve. It all depends on how you view these obstacles, if you see them as fun, they become less stressful, doable and entertaining. However if you find them it difficult and stressful, it then becomes even harder because you made it so with your mind.
The chocolates stages are some of my favorite stages because they make you want to just grrr!!!Each time you crush one and the other is popping back up…and you have to start all over again…in life, there are so many phases like this, in which you will try something and feel you have won but then you see yourself encountering the same problem over and over again. It takes planning, focus, determination and the right state of mindset of oh! I have done it before…piece of cake…to overcome these phases of life…so you have to be patient and be determined to keep trying.
Odus the owl! In this particular stage of the game, you are crushing candies to save the owl, they give you two different colors and you must try to keep the balance so the owl does not fall so the game ends doesn’t end. For most people they just don’t follow the rhythm of the colors…they are always after crushing the candies, and they end up falling Odus the owl. The owl may even try to warn them to try to create a balance between the colors to save it’ life, but they never look at the signs because they are busy crushing candies, creating blast and all…so is life.
People always forget to make out time to see if their work life and their fun life are balanced. For instance, some of us just keeping struggling, forgetting what exactly the tussle is all about…even when life and our body tries to warn us that we need a time alone to rest and breathe. Yet, we are carried away with the adversity of life that we forget to see and enjoy those little things that make life matters the most and easier. Like family and a little laughter…Before you know it, they snap and they are out of balance…then things start going wrong and they fall like Odus when the colors don’t…then you start playing the blame game with your boss…family or the society.
Now here is the sweet crazy thing about Candy Crush, when you are too hard on yourself for not passing a stage, you lose all the five attempts given to you. Believe me, we all hate waiting for those lives to start all over again because it takes time. Therefore, here is my word for you out there, play candy crush, learn some real life lessons from the game, be patient, focus, keep calm and stay determined. Do not let the obstacles of life get to you. When you feel you can’t make it, always look deep within, you may just see that candy that will get you to the next stage…there is no point wasting all five attempts in worrying over how to break free. Life will always be a game, and only those determined to move on to the next stage after every trial and failure, will be entertained…so keep trying and never be in hurry to move to the next stage, watch carefully for that colorful candy that will transport you to the next big challenge.

If you hate the fact that the five attempts are excessively limited, however, in real life, you only have one life. In the game, I always want extra life and sometimes curse the makers for just this error. But it is not an error… it makes it more exciting…you can know how to preserve them and be a good player or you worry and waste them…so is life, you have the options in your palms…stay focus and you are heading to the top of the game, with one life and various options. However, worry and keep nagging, then you will go down the ladder and fall like Odus the owl…preserve your life by thinking positively and try having some fun, but never be an addict to the game of life…cheers

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