Today is democracy day

Am wondering what the president will say

What will be his report for the last four years

How did he manage the people’s fears ?

Who will be the bearer of truth and equality?

This country lacks peace and equity

Will they tell us how to achieve unity and love?

Or add more problems we cannot solve?

Let them show us their report card with facts

There greatest works and the impacts

That they have made in lives of Nigerians

For there is hunger among the people

School children still go to school without shoes

Starving babies wasting away in hospital beds

There is shortage of malaria medications

The old ones are emancipating, death not so far

My country is suffering from depression

Her people are crying daily for a change

The rulers are preaching this change every day

Yet it’s a different kind of change they show us

They tell us they will feed the school children

Yet the children are dying of hunger, bitter lies

Today is the d-day, after years of struggles

For a government for the people by the people

But still the same things that never change…

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