My death

My Death

Tonight my soul is preparing for death

I will write my own eulogy and read it for you

I was born in a village hospital with no beds

The day I was born there was light

And that affected my skin so I am really dark

When I was growing up, I played with car tyres

We wore torn pants and danced in the rain

Chasing and catching dragonflies for fun

We went to school on barefoot, trekking long hours

I can feel the pains from cutting school grass

As blisters cover my palms, with bleeding skins

From scratching the itchy spots of insects bite

All of these struggles at the age of eight

There is always hunger so I hawked roasted fish

Because my school fees needed to be paid

Don’t ever believe that education is free

In high school we were told to be brave and outspoken

But when I got into university, I was failed for speaking up

And the next time I tried to do it I was suspended from class

Freedom of speech is never truly free for the poor

When I was done with school, my government

Sent me to serve my country under the sun and in the rain

Obeying the clarion call of duty to my country

I served with my heart, rendering myself selfless

They promised me a job, after service but now

Am jobless and it’s hard to feed, no parents

And there is no friend in this jungle of a country

My stomach is singing and my body is dancing

Twisting and turning in this bed out of hunger

I have longed finished my service to my country

But now am dying of hunger, a wasted knowledge

Learning my whole life to be hungry and restless

I have a skill but who will push me up

For you must know someone who knows power

To succeed in this country of mine,

So since I don’t have that connection

And no one will listen to my cry, tonight..

I will drink this rat poison and die

But know this, am not dying because am weak

Am not dying because I didn’t try my best

I tried my best, I did all I was taught in school

To do for me to succeed in life, but my leaders

Are the ones killing me tonight, they stole my future

And even more they stole my life even before I was born

Am dying so I can live to fight this corruption

That has eaten my future to pieces,

And when you hear of my death, don’t cry

I want you to fight and rebel the powers that be

Let them know there are many more like me

Dying of starvation, others are dead but breathing

Come together and let your voices be heard when am long gone, if they don’t hear your voices

The world will hear your voices so make it loud

I know help will come, we all need to make that happen

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