The Hospital

A hospital of broken beds, that’s where I am

Cracked walls with old window frames

Some of the louvres are covered with papers

Cobwebs hanging from the old weak ceilings

The old stain of blood that has formed a map

Boldly printed on the cement floor with pothole

And the smell of drugs mixed with body odor

Oozing from accident victims waiting treatment

At the far end corner near a window

Sat a patient with leg ulcer, the wounds open

With flies partying and feasting on the leg

Without being told, you can tell the leg is rotten

Opposite was an old lady, groaning

holding her stomach, a possible stomach ulcer

It’s a common disease from fasting long hours

Courtesy of the government and their crafty partners

This hospital is a dead zone for the dying souls

The heat alone pronounce the name hell on earth

One nurse to twenty patient, with a doctor meeting patients at his prevent hospital

Leaving the public duty to one nurse who judging by her looks is suffering from lack of sleep

This is a state hospital, where treatment is supposed to be free

Yet, sick people are lined up begging to be treated

Medical students are jobless,some working as bankers

This is Nigeria and this is how things work

No pay no treatment, a new hospital slogan

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