Playing around with Yoruba names

I have always loved the name Bayo

There is a certain joy to it like Fisayo

Even though I don’t know the meaning like Tayo

But I will ask my friend, her name is Rayo

She knows our landlady Busayo

Well, am sure it all means Joy like Ayo

Because happy men are called Dayo

Like my friend’s dad, but my friend is Moyo

Who is smart and jovial unlike Tuoyo

Tall, dull and boring, madly in love with Fumilayo

Who is a friend to the beautiful dark Titilayo

Whom with her beauty broke the heart of Femi

A charming man that never liked Kemi

Because she kissed his friend Remi

At a pool party, hosted by Yemi

When he proposed to his girl wumi

After he broke up with Temi

Just because he didn’t like the brother, Fola

Based on what he said to anger Lola

During the wedding of Eni and Kola

This is the end of this poem for Tola

Except you want me to introduce Bola

To make it long like a road trip to Yola

That you must embark on with a chilled Coca Cola

All these words because of a name that means Joy

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