Don’t believe that the future will take care of itself, it’s a foolish mentality. The ecosystem in Suicide rates will continue to multiply in our society. Not because times are hard. The problem now is that adults are increasingly immature. The society is increasingly frivolous. People have no true friends. Because friends see themselves more as rivals.
The race is measured by wealth and nothing else. Set backs are mourned as a wasted life by those who should give love and genuine support. So a troubled man becomes the butt of jokes by those in whom he has reposited his trust.
Calamities befall men and their friends shed tears in the morning and run them down at night. Adults now behave like children.
The man can’t even tell his wife because he is sure she won’t understand. He has seen her divulge little details to her family. He has heard her eulogise wealth and curse set backs as abomination. She has a little merry heart.
The pastor/imam can’t be trusted because he is given to flashy cars and worldly ambitions. He rates men by their earthly successes and wealth. He can’t be trusted because wealth he says is the ultimate blessing from God. Everyday he celebrates only the rich, the pastor will not remined or ask you about planning or investing for your future, rather collecting from you by backing it up with scriptures.it will come to a stage that all your money has be channel into the church and nature has it own way that you will become so poor that you will not have anything to give again and you will be frustrated that will make you leave the church. The irony of it is that, another person will replace you and nobody will ask after you.
The Government is another worst biggest “SCAM” of suicide that masqueraded itself as replicate of God on earth by representing and rendering of selfless service to humanity but unfortunately the government is now a problem for man. Politicians and leaders that are suppose to be political farmers and eagle’s are now political hunters and vultures. A political farmers are leaders that innovate idea’s by planting seed’s like farmers on their farm land’s the seed’s germinate and reproduce in a large quantities of bountiful harvest but a political Hunter are like hunters who goes to the bush to hurt all kinds of animals for consumption until he kill’s all without thinking about the Rainey day. this are the kind of leaders we have in government. Who do we blame?
So the troubled man walks around with his troubles in his heart, smiles at all the children masquerading as adults around him.
One day, he would weigh it all over again and say no, It’s enough.
True mature friends are now very scarce! The world itself is selfish Do have a great day.
Prince Othuke Premier CEO Great Influential Minds Organization
Contact:+2347063696674,+2347051233347 Email: princeothuke@yahoo.com senatorpremier@gmail.com

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