I once asseverated in succinct terms that “There is no pillow as soft and comfortable as a clear conscience to serve humanity and that politics is too sophisticated to be left in the hand’s of unscrupulous politicians alone. I also envisaged that political position should not be see as ruler ship but an OBLIGATION, a call for service to humanity”. It sparkles with splendor and remains then most beautiful and attractive thing at sight.
In this 21st century of modern age people still see politics as a business investment instead of understanding politics as a call to serve humanity in line with public driven interest. So many times people seek to rule instead of leading. Again they would prefer to be serve rather than serving others. The Authority in leadership is for service I can’t be for fast to forget that the seat and the authorities are forgotten as rational and legal. Not out of compulsion, not from ascription, not an inheritance but through the mandate of the people.
Constructively therefore, I call on all well meaning Nigeria’s not to be intimidated by the power and wealth of saboteurs of our nascent democracy under the umbrella of politics. Government should be afraid of the people not the people afraid of the government, we elect people to represent us but its unfortunate that the people we elect now become problem for the masses what an irony of practical political reality played in Africa societal. The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. I love a man that can find strength and smile in trouble that can gather strength from his distress. The fear of our political elite, god father’s and selfish leaders is a SNARE it is good to RESPECT PEOPLE IN AUTHORITY but its DEMONIC to live in fear of such selfish and corrupt political elite, I call it “The silent prison” That had reduce GIANTS to DWARF. This is the set time to break free from the hands of this old and corrupt generation elite that has been blindly Africans while looting all our resources, Africa is bigger than corrupt and selfish leaders. If we don’t fight for our political freedom nobody will fight it for us and history and indeed posterity Will not forgive good men with great strength, talents and innovative ideas to make generational positive impact who fold their hands allowed selfish and unscrupulous tyrant politicians to take the conduct of human affairs in our global egalitarian societal. Its currently impossible for Africa to attain political justice due to the set of leaders we have. As long we can’t create for ourselves a political island mainly populated by youths we own it a duty to our God to consciously participate in political governance of our community and nation. We have distance ourselves from Africa politics, the dirty politician’s have consistently misgoverned us too long disappointed. The future of a healthy politics in Africa is a political environment where there are no god father’s to influence decision making policies that governs the lives of the people. I’m trying to internalize the virtues of radical transparency, radical truth, idea meritocracy and open mindedness I’m a crusader for social justice therefore,It pleases me to read,confront me to write and delight me to talk. stick to my write up and I will provoke your thought’s.
God Bless Africans and long live Africa Continent.
Prince Othuke Premier
Citadel of Great Influenced Mind’s Organization.
Contact: +2347063696674 +2347051233347
Email: senatorpremier@gmail.com princeothuke@yahoo.com

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