Nigeria is the giant of Africa that has a zealous congregation of intellectuals,a congregation of hardworking and serious minded people. But it’s unfortunate that the Government,due to their inability and nonchalant attitude to brace up and take responsibility to provide for it citizenry’s has led to brain drain syndrome saga. Setting the rules for our development and not being lecture by those who consider us inferior is a sign of freedom from brain drain slavery. Four word’s are engraved in a Man’s inner thoughts, these are peace, Justice, History and Identity. These words are the pinnacle that stands out a man’s work because they are the motivating factors. But since the Government cannot provide these, brain drain syndrome saga will synchronize the people.
The highest desire of a man is to have peace. Peace to enjoy good quality of life, but peace cannot exist except there is Justice, Justice cannot exist except there is history. It’s this history that gives a sense of identity. Where there is no history, there cannot be peace or sense of community. Hence brain drain become the option. Brain drain is a situation where (highly) trained skilled and qualified individuals emigrate from a nation to another. This happen as a result of low standard of living, turmoil and poor governance in a particular Nation such as we witness in Nigeria. It’s mind blogging over the last decade, it is no longer news that professionals of different fields emigrated from the giant of Africa to other countries and many are still processing their traveling documents. The major reason citizens are leaving Nigeria to other countries not regarding any obstacles is that,they have lost confidence and hope in the development of the country. To buttress the above point, statistically if nothing is done to improve employment rate in the country, it’s evident that the country would remain the poverty capital of the world for a longer period than excepted. It’s important to note that if the country does not go beyond it current level, many professionals will still seek greener pasture leaving the country void. meaning, the set of people who can bring about positive change in Nigeria would have left. The foregoing will surely have a great impact on the economy and the country as a whole. For instance, in the medical sector, Nigeria lack sufficient hands to handle health state of the people in the country. The Nigeria middle class brain drain is not unconnected to the fact that this system does not create the requisite platform for the people to maximize their potentials, hence they resort to greener pasture outside the country. 95% of employment in Nigeria in both public and private setting’s are predicted on persons or individuals you know rather than meritocracy, hence not until the system is adjusted to take care of all this societal malfeasance, brain drain will continue to be the order of the day until these systemic issues are addressed. Another fact that is responsible for brain drain is the absence of Social Security System (SSS)which constitute the features of most develop countries in the world. Such system put in, place societal consideration that will ensure effective running of the society such as Social welfare, taking care of Aged, Pensions for retiree’s etc. The failure of these system in Nigeria occasions the brain drain for instance where a child saw his father served his country diligently and after 35years of service his pension is nothing to write home about and in some cases not been paid at all, such a child will not want to suffered the same faith as his father. Thus he has a higher tendency of migrating to a country with a stable and functional Social Security System which constitute a major ground for brain drain.
Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change and recreate our world. Education is not the learning of facts it’s rather the training of the mind to think. In other word’s education is the key and bedrock of success but in Nigeria, education is no longer the key of Nigeria future. Political elite had decided to bury the future of our country which has result to brain drain. The elite went to HELL and borrow the padlock of the gate of Hell to padlock the future of the country. The Government gave it citizenry’s the big padlock and throw away the key into the Dead Sea .hence professionals has no option than to relocate for greener pasture outside the country. The future of Nigeria citizenry’s has be mortgage, the entire system has be bastardized. Citizens struggle to have fifth quarter meal for a day. The Government does not care about the plight of it citizens hence every struggle to make a living. We struggle to get admitted into the higher institutions, struggle to graduate under a harsh and bad environment and struggle to get a job if at all there is one to survive with. Life in Nigeria is terrible that is, the Government is worst than megalomania Nigeria citizens are been killed in and outside the country and the Government is doing nothing rather watching events as if it Holy Wood and Bollywood Movies. Bunch of talents are wasted in Nigeria nobody to encourage or sponsor talented citizens yet we claimed to be the giant of Africa, number six Oil largest producing country in the world with other natural resources but still live in an abject poverty what an irony. The Government has no plan for it citizenry’s therefore we are been enslaved by abject poverty. Poverty is a modern way of slavery which encapsulate the entire system. Nigeria men refused to sleep because they can’t provide for their families, Youths are angry because no job to do,women and children are crying because of hunger in the land. Even the Rich are sleeping with one eye close and other eye open watching if the poor hungry man will break in at night to steal. For how long shall we continue to live in a perpetual agony? We can change the narrative to create conducive atmosphere for a balance review of existing relationship between the professionals, citizens and the government our eye’s are in the front because it is more important to look ahead than to look backwards. Past is a waste paper, present is a newspaper, and future is a question paper let’s come out of this mess and control the present, and secure the future. Whatever will not be done excellently must be left totally, average input can never produce an excellent outcome. It is input that determine out come. What you eject into life determines what you can eject out of life. Therefore let create a forum for a healthy nationalistic dialogue where professionals, citizens and the government will collectively resolve on how best to enhance their relationship with the sole aim of restoring law and order and development. Nation building, peace and tranquility are not built by abstract figures nor established by supernatural entities. Long lasting peace, security and development is built and nurture by both individuals and cooperate efforts gingered and centered on developmental programs to formulate a viable information network between the public and Government cumulating towards ensuing sustainability of, security and harmony being a major catalyst for the social and economic development of our great united country.
God Bless The Good Citizens of Nigeria And Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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