If You Don’t Give Yourself a Price Nobody will Price you. Tag yourself with a price of excellent/ integrity that you maybe price high. A man with an impeccable character will always make him self an inestimable value personality in the society. Excellence is the key to eminence. Excellence is the doorway to pro mince. To avoid mediocrity is to embrace excellence. Your passion for excellence determines your portion in destiny. Mediocrity is the doorway to obscurity. Excellence defies sentiment and prejudices, it conquers all forms of discrimination and segregation. whatever you do,ensure that you give it your best. I have come to realize that “good enough” is never enough. It is being better than the best that is good enough. Make up your mind to do things with excellence. What you eject into life determines what you can eject out of life. The world has zero tolerances for mediocrity, average existence has minimal or no voice. The voice of a poor man is scarcely heard. You are not qualified to Coach in a field you have not mastered. To excel in life and destiny you must exhibit excellence in all that you do. Make up your mind to be an excellent person with a price of integrity. The knowledge of the law alone makes you a legal mechanic, but if you dare to add philosophy then you can venture to call an advocate. No criminal was born a criminal something happened along the way and every prostitute was once a virgin hmmm!!! Things don’t just happen, people make things to happen because Life is a misery and no man can turn the hands of time. therefore When destiny throws a sharp sword at you to destroy you please Catch it by the Edge and use it to Carve your Future. Never tell anyone your plans, show them your result.


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