I’m once again reminded of how personal and private this race called life is. I got into my car,drive out,and joined the road where other cars were already traveling. Lesson No1 we don’t all have the same entry point into life. As I kept driving, I passed some other cars,while other passed me. Lesson No2 we won’t travel through life at the same speed. As I moved on, I caught myself trying to pursue the car in front of me, just as I was about to pass it, it turned off the road into another road. Lesson No3 we don’t all have the same exit point. We are all on this journey called life. We will enter at different points and exit at different points, but one thing is clear we will all exit this road at one point in time or the other. What’s important is that you run your race well. Your car has side view mirrors and a rear- view mirror. You use both to see the side and the back of your car respectively. There will be cars behind you, while others maybe beside you for a while. But you know how dangerous it is to spend a long time looking at these mirrors, they will distract you. It give you the biggest view of the potentials in front of you and the resources you are yet to attain. Don’t spend precious time looking at your back to see those who are pursuing you, or looking at your side to see those who are trying to overtake you. Keep your eyes in front of you and stay tune to your race. Stop focusing on what has happened behind you, let go of the past. Don’t be fixated on what your neighbour is doing or where they are going in life, leave jealousy behind and focus on your own race well and ended well. I humbly pray God bless and help us to run this race called LIFE. Stay focus and recreate yourself. A blessed year for all.

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