Some school of thoughts believed that, Aides are just jamborees of praise singers and sycophants, but I beg to differ. May I state here that it is how they ve been used that make them look so; these numerous groups of individuals can become strength to the Nigeria as a nation if given the opportunity.

Political aides that you see today are endowed with various potentials, talents and strength. These aides could become great leaders if they are well managed and mentored by their political mentors and political leaders. One of the best internship for would-be politicians and policy makers serving a political office holder as an aide; through the day to day activities within and outside the power play a vital role in the political offices, the young intern is equipped with a first-hand opportunity to learn the role of governance, the challenges, the good and the bad which prepares him for the rudiments of good governance that can make Nigeria a better place. The multiplier effect is the introduction of men and women of Nigeria extraction into the international and national arenas where they could challenge the best talents in international and national debates, which are the key instruments for the survival and well-being of any ethnic group. The political aides could become key players at the international level; all they need is the right platform. Therefore, the advantage of many vibrant men and women as political aides could become an avenue to create positive impact in Nigeria, and not just using them as praise singers and sycophants only; they can do more if they are given the opportunity to governance.
Political Aides should focuses attention on two basic principles, humility to grow, and independence from the principal. That means, for you to grow, always humble yourself, and secondly always use God-given brain both in making money and taking critical life decisions. our political office holders should give the young men the platform to develop themselves; as it will enhance the growth of Nigeria and generation unborn to compete favorably in the larger society. God bless our leaders that appoint and allow Aides to function effectively, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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