Longtime ago, I have been searching for that precious gift until I pick up a Teddy to take to bed like an orphan, but if you will be my love,I will take you instead. Advent of GSM is a blessing to me. Since the moment I took your number, I constantly think of you and feel like flying without wings. The street in my heart will be empty without you. please my heart welcome you to stay and pay no rent. Dreaming of you makes my night worth while. Thinking of you makes me smile,having you is the best thing ever and loving you is my joy forever. My heart is like a crystal, preserve it. My love is like a perfume spray it. Feelings are flood, flow it. If I open my warmth soft arms,which doesn’t hurt but full of love and ecstasy will you huge me? If I go for your succulent love lips will you kiss me? for your touch is electric, your kiss hypnotic, your love making magical. But your breasts are erotic talisman that binds my heart forever. The blue print of love is magical.

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