I kept missing you like “Adam’s rib”and “bone of my bone”. I was comfortably warm when you were with me, but now too cold /chill to bear; my neighbours and relatives all surround me, still i feel lonely because you left a footprint in my heart and now i cant go on without you. If you look up any night and see no star in the sky, don’t be surprise because anytime i missed you, one star falls from heaven. I have just realized that a part of ones life is made up of someone else life, I became handicapped since you left because I missed one part of my body; please come and make me complete for I’m in a very severe/critical condition, any moment from now i might be rushed to the hospital and may even die if i don’t hear,kiss or huge you. Every tears is a sign of brokenness, every silence is a sign loneliness, every smile is a sign of happiness and love that heals the heart. Never let the love heart to be lonely.


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