Medicines and love cure our problems; the only difference is that love do not have expiry date. If you fall into a river, there’s a boat, if you fall in to a well, there’s a rope, but if you fall in love there’s no hope for you to come out. Love is a war; easy to start but difficult to end. Love is the golden chain that links our heart together. Love could be sweet or painful when it faces reality; but the only thing that makes it genuine is the unchangeable character no matter the situation. Anything that goes into the heart is circulated round the body true love smartly penetrate into our inner mind,lovely surround our spirit, soul and body. Love knows no season, love knows no lies, love defines all seasons, love has no eyes but its not blind; love sees all but doesn’t mind. There’s no difference between  COMPLETE and  FINISH; But when you love a right person, you’re COMPLETE  And when  you love a wrong person you’re  FINISHED. Despite the pains that love cause, the immeasurable pleasure outweighs; Although it may take a lifetime to find true love, it’s a worthwhile goal. A doctor could save life, a lawyer could legally defend life, soldier could protect a peaceful life, but only a true love can give us a LOVELY life. Love is like a violin; music may stop now and then but the strings remain attached that’s love. Love is like a rainbow, produced  when rain and sun coincides…..when the perfect amount of happiness and tears are mixed….. Two differences unite to produce perfection.

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