You are my moisturize creaming cream that creams my body for a perfect look. My cinematic charming, gorgeous  elegant queen with style. An epitome of a fountain of blessings to me… Your pointed arrow breast will satisfy me always. I will be captivated by your love. I will fondle the breast of an immaculate Queen called my “ENDLESS TREASURE”. If loving this paragon daisy beauty queen that possesses iconic charming eyes look that’s unrepentantly glamorous is a crime i rather be a criminal with handcuff; for the golden street in my heart will be empty without her. Please be my Juliet and i will be Romeo but we will not sink like that of the Titanic. You are a kind of a woman made in a laboratory home of heaven, that most real perfect men would break most rules to keep in their arms. As alluring as captivating beauty. I’m the gentleman who has stretch out his royal romantic hands which does not hurt but to treat you like a goddess; which is a proof that I am born and raised in the arms of a Queen. There’s no pillow as soft and comfortable as a clear conscience of pure love when resting on your fresh laps with a magic soft touch of kisses from your succulent lips tasting like pure honey. You are a wonderful creature that posses natural endowment beauty and highly gorgeous like that of the tower of barbel. Having you is like having heaven and earth without end. I love you my endless treasure happy VAL with love and kisses from my heart to you. From the royal pure desk of Prince Othuke Premier Esq,CEO Citadel Of Great Influential Minds Organization.

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