Time they say is all but what the clock says it is.
Afraid that my time may pass me by, I sought the wisdom of a Guru/Genius
Your luck is locked in a clock, so said the Guru/ Genius
Know this all sons and daughters of God, as the clock ticks and meets you in idleness, be sure that your luck is passing you by and be you bothered.
Surely, poverty and wealth tick tack tick every seconds of the day.
Son, each day you look at the clock be sure to tell yourself the truth that poverty or wealth awaits you each day.
Be you not deceived, so said poverty, I’m real.
Wealth said, I’m attracted to hardwork, honesty and integrity, be you not deceived.
In anguish, I wept for I want to enjoy the best of two worlds. I want to defer English by having my cake and eating it, so I probed further, Guru /Genius, why am i an average person?
Go ask the clock, so said the guru, tell her to open up your past five years and you will see that you sowed averagely for the past five years. Your today is the fruit of your five years seed.
Oh! Horror! closed the book, you mean I did all
this five years ago?
Oh! of a surely, my luck is locked in a clock. Since that time I spoke to the guru/ genius anytime i hear Tick Tack Tick, idleness shivers as I work my way round to my luck in the Clock.

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