*Everyone desires to win in life, but only few people put in the required efforts to win.
*The best ideas will not work unless you work the ideas.*
Behind everything that is working, there’s somebody working hard
Even the scripture says work out your Salvation with fear and trembling.
The only magic wand to Success is working hard on the right things. Working hard on things that is not important to your future is actually self imposed punishment.
Nature gives bird their food but doesn’t put it in their nests. They have to work hard for it.
Hard work will always beat talent, whenever talent don’t work hard.
Hard work is not limited to leg work or hand work.
Hard work in the 21st century has evolved and it consist of the following:
√ Smart Work ( Digital Compliance)
√ Mental Work ( Creative Thinking)
√ Net Work ( Building Relationship)
√ Field Work (Logistics)
√ Grace Work ( Connecting to God via prayers)
√ W. O. R. K ( Wisely Organizing Relevant Knowledge)
Be conscious of the one you are doing per time.
The topmost top is your place..

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