The worst laziness is that of the mind. It keeps telling you you can’t. Such mind makes you admire and celebrate other people’s success yet you can’t do what such successful people did. Such mind keeps you in a tower of critizing every opportunity that comes your way. Lazy mind always push people not to finish anything they started, it makes them give up easily and tomorrow they start another journey. They never get to the end of any journey.
There are two kinds of farmers, the one who plant and maintain his farm and the other plants and never maintain his farm. At the time of harvest the one that maintained his farm get good harvest while the other harvest poorly. The good farmer goes to his farm early and come back home late. The bad farmer goes to his farm late and returns early. In time of famine the good farmer fears not the hard time while the bad farmer keeps sending his sons or daughters up and down to get food from others. The difference between the two farmers is just the mind.
An active mind is always busy doing things right and succeeding crossing every obstacle that comes his way while the inactive mind never does anything right and never succeed. The lazy minded people are very good at going after luxury and they will never work hard for what gives them the luxury they desired therefore they end up never having the luxury things. The lazy minded people are very active serving others and they see themselves very busy doing so but have nothing to gain.
Change your mindset to achieve what you hope for and there is no age limit to it.

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