The first and most important key to having a successful life is a strong, compelling vision. “Where there is no vision, the people perish” – King Solomon. “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. Vision without action is day dream. Action without vision is a nightmare. This is where most people live – in action without vision – simply reacting to the circumstances of the day, fighting fires. Mistaking activities for accomplishment! But when you have a compelling vision for your life – one that is very inspiring, you will have the energy to fight through tough circumstances. “A strong vision endures heavy crosswinds”.
After you crystalize your vision and purpose, set a definite goal for your life. Write it down. Commit it to memory. Direct every thought and all your energies to making it come true. This is a great opportunity to use the wonderful mind God gave us. The battle is in the mind and for the mind. The size of your success depends on the depth and quality of your thinking. You may have heard that your results are determined by your actions, and your actions are determined by your attitude and your attitude is determined by your belief and your belief is shaped by your thinking. So, it all starts with thinking and praying. Nothing stands in the way of a person determined to reach a life goal.
Remember the person determined to attain success starts where he stands, making the best of whatever tools he has and acquiring whatever else he needs along the way. Start from wherever you stand – today!

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