I totally understand how one can feel when things don’t seem to be going the way you planned.
It can be frustrating and killing when you have kept all your eggs in one basket only to see or find out it does not work out.
I once asked my friend if he could sell his company he said yes and I was surprised because I have seen him work super hard on building his company he said yes but James The company is just a name to whoever buys it, I am the brains of the company they can’t buy me.
That hit me and made me understand that He was the product and he knew it.
Many of us don’t know what we are made of and some find out late.
You all are products of Greatness and the more you upgrade, Learn and discover yourself the more you become awesome and of Higher value.
Don’t give up and please don’t be afraid to rebuild or restart from the ground.
See whatever it is as a set back and you are coming.
It is comeback season

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