Capital God depends on His light to create the heaven and the earth.
Nothing will exist on earth outside been born.
There is no other primary purpose outside a womb purpose in women
God and spirit must continue to acknowledge the womb of the ancient woman if things must be born to earth.
The idea of the ancient woman,is Eve the ancient spirit of multiplicity.
God will never finish with a womb if the earth must be emmancipated from delays and pains..
Every messianic personlity on earth was first a messiah from a womb.
The crown of the earth is the ancient woman of multiplicity.
Anytime satan wants to enslave the earth ,he will first visit the womb of a woman.
No man or spirit is bigger than the womb that bore him.
When God was about to come to the earth as christ, He understood that the uniqueness of His assignment is in the womb that must produce christ.
Any womb that must carry an emmancipated destiny, must be a seperated and favoured womb..(Luke 1:28)
When God made man and woman to look over the garden in eden,He must expect man to be part of the ancient woman through revealed instructions and enlightenment if eden must be preserved
If Eden must fulfil her purpose ,woman must be tamed.
Every thing that destroys men,look into woman to destroy them.(gen 3:4)
Satan understood that the destiny of men is tied to a womb.
The bible made me to understand in (judges 13:2) about the wife of manoah an unnamed figure.
It was recorded that due to the nature and assignment of Samson,the angel of the lord visited the womb of the wife of manoah to produce a messiahic personality that will deliver the isrealites out of the hands of the Philistines.
Samson lost his dominion when he gave his strenght to a strange woman which gave birth to destruction.
There wont be earthly multiplicity if the womb is not apprehended .
Revelations has thought me that every woman is a visionary woman from what are they designed to produce .
It is not possible to give birth outside waiting on an appointed time of that destiny .(Habakkuk 2:3)
It takes visionaries to give birth to visions.
Before every vision is born,visionary personalities must be raised and guided.
Wombs are spiritual platforms to advance earth whether negative or positive..
Physical womb are female reproductive organs that has ability to produce it’s kind.
▪Spiritual womb is a reproductive visionary organs found in both Male and female.
God will never abandon a womb to make destiny.
Anything that has ability to multiply its kind has a womb.
Visionary men are also called womb personalities.
When God had the cry of the hebrews ,He must look for a man that can give birth to an emmancipated vision to help the people.
God made moses a God because of his ability to give birth to the legendary ark of covenant.
The ark of covenant ,was a place God sat on to relate with the Isrealites..
Womb is a place of convertion from spiritual to physical.
Spirits visit the earth when men allows them.
God will not come to the earth if womb is abandoned.
The strenght of any spirit is depended on the kind of womb that produce it to earth.
Every man is an ancient spirit in form of a man through embodiment..
Any womb that must be celebrated must understand the conversion process between
▪Humanity to divinity
▪Terrestrial to celestial
▪Ideas to visions.
Every destiny that must be great must be great first from the kind of womb that produce it ..
It is how destinies are made from the womb that determines what they will become on earth..
It is path that make men on earth

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