sometimes we are tested not to show our weaknesses but to discover our strength.Stop struggling to explain yourself to everybody; some people will only understand your end and not your beginning.
Keep doing what you’re doing, when you’re exalted and glorified, they will remember what you told them at the beginning.
Trying to prove a point is a waste of energy, and a wrong vibe, you don’t need it.
Put more efforts in turning your visions into reality, because that’s your distinguishable turning point.
Nobody will ever encourage you like you’ll do to yourself, therefore, do not, i repeat, do not depend on external motivation to sponsor your life’s accomplishment, it’ll only end in futility
Pursue your dream like a mad man, and you’ll become a consultant for life.
Believing in yourself is the seed you sow to be celebrated by others.
I value you. Happy Sunday to all my followers.

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