Our intellects/ science and technology has fails us human on the planet earth because of just one Virus….
I shed tears watching Daniel Goldman (the lead counsel in President Trump’s impeachment trial) speaking from his house on self isolation with his entire family after testing positive to Corona virus.
He is not just alone, a host of prominent world personalities and celebrities are not left out.
A quick reminder to us that life and all that is in it is nothing but vanity.
Just one virus… Washington the seat of world power is on lockdown and self quarantine…
Just one virus!…Italy, the home of mafias… The seat of Vatican is now a ghost town, people falling like packs of cards on the streets, with hundreds of deaths everyday.
Just one virus!!
China.. The economic capital of the world with its hustle and bustle finally quieted down, the restless society finally calmed down, and the restless teaming population gradually going down and world economy crumbling.
Just one virus!
Humans and world powers finally lowered their proud head and begun to realise that our lives are nothing but A CANDLE IN THE WIND, that could be blown away right under our watch.
Unlike the viruses called “Hunger” Corruption” Greed” Injustice etc that kills thousands of less advantaged people everyday, and the world keeps quiet because it does not affect the high and mighty.
Just like death and grave that does not respect personality and class, The high and mighty who have tested positive to the virus are quarantined and kept in isolation, not allowed and never again will they have access to all the riches and mansions they have, probably “Till death do them part” if they did not turn nagative..
Just one virus!!! No more social gathering of any kind in affected countries… Even churches and all the miracle healers have closed down businesses….
Just one virus!
Countries have began to shut their airports and boarders…
As my prayers goes to all those affected by this situation, the rest of us should ponder over the vivid and profound lessons thought us by this virus.
Just one virus could end all the WAR! KILLINGS! HATRED! GREED! CORRUPTION’S! LIVING LIKE THE WORLD IS YOURS…. Just one virus… All you think you are and have will be humbled! Know that God Almighty GOD is the only solution.

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