The entire universe is completely confused of Corona Virus because they depend on their understanding, they have gone ahead to close air, water and land boarders of their countries, close schools, Churches, gatherings without going back to tell their creator that they are confused and it’s become the end of the road or discussion. God gave his son Jesus Christ to die for us and He said we shall overcome all by the blood of Jesus Christ, at the name of Jesus Christ every knees including that of Corona Virus must bow. It’s time to say Oh Lord, we can not do without you. Pls Almighty God show us mercy . God is the Head of all Principalities, powers and wickedness in high places. God has the final say on everything that goes on in the Universe . He created everything. He will destroy the potency of Corona Viruses and make them ordinary common treatable disease. He will increase our immune systems above the infection of Corona Virus and God will purify the air, food, water free of this Corona virus. It’s time for us to run back to God because we can’t do without him for now that we are at a crossroad. God is the only One that can show us mercy.The name of Jesus Christ and His blood can help us to overcome this Corona virus that is destroying humanity all over the Universe. People of God pls, take a deliberate decision to run and surrender to your creator, God our maker to show you mercy, now that Universal science, human thinking and Human efforts globally has failed us. Pls, my great God destroy the potency of this Corona virus, increase our immune system, and purify the air in ever environment that we may step into in Jesus Christ most powerful name Amen. Romans 9:11-17, Philippines 2:7-11, Psalm 91:1-16, Genesis 28:15. Proverb 3 :4-6.

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