If there is any generation I pray to be a follower of Christ,then this is the generation.
What is happening is the demonstration of God mightiness over human affairs.
Before now,we all relied on our knowledge, and talent and forget the presence of God in our lives.
Our common love for each as humans was totally vanished.
We all accredited all our wealth, Blessings,and successes to our smartness,intelligence and our manipulative skills.
The joy of fortune is in reverse all over the world and our turns of fate appear as a twists.
The powers of the world super powers has ended in a pull.
It’s time for all of us to reconnect with God sincerely.
This trial time is not for sinners.
I don’t really want us to join the harsh reality of human suffering before us now,with Nigeria’s political murky waters,hence the need for us to relinquish political affairs from what is before us at the moment.
Let our soul be one and ask God to act.
We must accept this difficult and harsh period of our lives.
We must reconcile our relationship with God at this point in time.
We are facing the time of Noah in a different way.
May Christ redirect us to a much smother and life securing path of safety.
He is God in the mountains and God in the valleys.
Our pilgrimage on earth is circumscribed by His feelings towards us.
He is God of the smooth times and God of the trying times…
We must choose a path that is pleasant to GOD at this moment of Global Humanitarian crisis and human suffering, our thoughts and, actions must reflect the mind of
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.Matthew 6:33

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