Lawyers are drivers of social reengineering and change so how do we engage during this period of COVID 19?
Some of our colleagues in the Judiciary, Executive and the Legislature are already doing their bit and playing their part providing justice, advising government, drafting policies and passing legislation to secure life and property.
So what are other lawyers doing besides critiquing the laws, decisions and acts of the government and others?
Here are a few of what we, in private and corporate practice can do:

  1. We can use our intellect and influence within the community to ensure that the poor and vulnerable people are taken care of,
  2. We can act as observers to ensure that food distribution is carried out equitably
  3. We can volunteer our time to go round our community educating them about how to stay safe and how the regulations impact our livelihoods
  4. We can reach out to our wealthy clients to make donations to support the needy
  5. We can volunteer to support law enforcement agencies by advising on how they engage with citizens during this period
  6. We can observe and report on any of government’s interventions
  7. We can play the role of mediators to any conflict that may arise within families and members of the community
    Lawyers can do almost anything. Let’s change the narrative of how people see us for once

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