Corona virus/ Covid19 is a tragedy/comedy play in the giant of Africa call Nigeria. I’m writing in tears and a heavy broken heart like a pregnant woman in great pains of labor room; it can still be ascribe to that of a woman, whose heart has just be broken in a deep sweet love relationship. Nigeria is witnessing four PANDEMICS DISEASES which are:
iii) HUNGER VIRUS/HUNVID 5050 More deadly than corona virus.
Suffix it to say that,with the great abundant of natural resources bestowed on Nigeria land by God shows that,Nigeria has no reason to cry for any foreign Aid from any country across the world. Nigeria is like a mother that is capable of breast feeding her babies no matter how many they are. Nigeria can single handedly provide for the entire Africa Continent and the western world should also looking forward for Aids from Nigeria. I’m saying this with every audacious and sagacious manner. Ironically Nigeria is like the leper that was sitting at front of the beautiful gate in bible, yet nothing was beautiful about him. Our Political Leaders are killing us; our pride as a Nation has be puncture. Nigeria is now like a the layman that was sick for 38years lying at the pool of Bethesda that has no one to help him inside the pool to be heal. Our Government is worst than megalomania and more wicked and deadly than Corona virus. The Government has shutdown the entire system without adequate provision for it citizenry’s. They treated this corona virus with levity thinking that, corona virus will not affect them but the less privilege on the street. But its unfortunate that the virus started from the political elite’s. The political elite thought they can abandon the common man on the street to suffer this pandemic. while they will flew abroad as usual to America and other part of the western world for medical and enjoyment relaxation as usual. But thank God the virus started from the western part of the world heavily before coming to Nigeria. The sledge hammer of Corona virus fall upon the political elite, No where to run to or to hide. Other political elite and leaders of other countries in the world are providing solution and cantering for their citizenry’s; but Nigeria Government refuse to provide for it citizenry’s. Rather the Government is issuing an order to restrict movement and total shutdown of businesses and others without providing food and other livelihood for it citizenry’s. The Government did not provide hand sanitizers or face mask for it citizens; with all the billions received from various donors to Government. My question is how do we cope in this situation and what have we done wrong to this Government?. I’m writing to let the entire world know what is happening in Nigeria. We don’t have medical equipment to handle this virus. Nigeria Policemen are busy brutalizing and destroying the goods of petty traders;who took loan from the bank to buy goods to sell at the market for the common man to have food to eat. The military on the other hand are not left out, they are busy killing innocent citizens of Nigeria. Delta state is a case study and our Government are silent about the agony citizens are going through. Its a pity that our Government is deceiving the world that they care about it citizenry’s it a bloody lies from the pit of hell. Our hopeless Hon Minister for Information came out on Air that the Government has distributed more than 100 billion of naira to it citizenry’s. Please can the world ask our Hon minister for information how, where and when did the Government distribute more than 100 billion to it citizenry’s? The Minister for Finance came on air to say that, Government is feeding school Children. Please can the World ask our Hon. Minister for Finance how , where and how the Government is feeding school Children when all schools in Nigeria has be shutdown for long? The Hon. Minister for Women Affairs, said the grant should be distribute to the Northern part of Nigeria reason be that, that is only place where the less privilege are. What a foolish, myopic reason coming from a Minister? Are their no less privilege citizens from the South and the Eastern part of the country? You can see where tribalism, Greed, sentiment,corruption etc comes to play again at this crucial time. President Buhari, had the incentive and the opportunity to fix the health care system in Nigeria. He had that opportunity yet, each time he fell sick,he sought health care in London. Many of our political leaders today also had the incentive and the opportunity to fix our health care system . Most of them have been in political cycles for several years now. They all refused to fix our health care system not only health care, Educational system is zero, Electricity is minus zero and other sectors of the economy instead, they took our common wealth and lavished it on medical tourism and send their wards abroad to study. Leaving the common man to study under undeveloped environment. Example is the master plan where Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U) has plan where Aeronautic Engineering can be studied till date nothing has be done by the Government for no just cause. Our Government lack foresight and vision to pursue that, to mention but a few here in Nigeria. Nigeria is a fail state. The Government don’t care about us as citizens. The entire different sectors are not working. If we, death was our portion because of bad health care, and other bad sectors it didn’t matter. Today, borders are closed. There is no opportunity for medical tourism. Any Political leader who fell sick today must use our hopeless health facilities in Nigeria for the first time,they’ll suffer what we are suffering. Luckily Corona virus comes first for the affluent -that is, those who can travel to infected areas. They are the ones who bring it in and distribute it to those quietly suffering in Nigeria. Let the disease continue circulating amongst them. If they perish, i say good riddance. Thanks or no thanks to the Devil or whoever or whatever is responsible for this corona virus. No thanks because it has killed alot of innocent people all over the world and caused a lot of untold hardship on ordinary people. Thanks because it is no respecter of persons especially politicians in my country Nigeria. It has indeed brought the heartless and wicked lot to have a taste of the repercussion of their own wickedness. I do not wish them death, but i simply wish them what they have wished us over the years when they embezzled funds meant for adequate health delivery. Do not ask me to pray for them because it will be pretentious to do so; i all simply just watch events unfold naturally without the metaphysical interference of prayers while the empirical situation of reaping what you have sown holds sway. This is a moment of sober reflection for our political elite and leaders to sit up and start giving Nigeria a new face and hope;to brace up and develop the giant of Africa call Nigeria. The coming of Covid 19 is a welcome development to Nigeria. God loves Africa more than any continent of the world. With all the disasters happening in the world killing millions of people and destroying properties and economy , hardly you see this happening in Africa Continent. Statistics show that Africa has the least case of this virus . PROPHESY PROPHESY PROPHESY…Africa will soon become World Super Power and World Economy. This prophesy shall shock the entire World in a time to come. Africa shall Arise then it shall be said Africa Came,Saw and Conquer the entire World. When you look at the map of the world today ,you will see that the Africa map is like a gun and when you observed it very well, you will see Nigeria on that map as the trigger of the gun. This shows that Nigeria is the trigger that will explode the bullet from the mouth of the gun to hit it targeted prey. Nigeria will be country that bring Africa to lime light. Nigeria will do all things because all the fundamental capacities require to manifest are in it. This prophesy shall come to pass that Africa has taking the league and the head of the league is Nigeria. Nigeria/ Africa stay resolute , be strong and prayerful. This prophesy shall come and the entire world power countries shall bow to Africa.

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