At this crucial moment that the world is under sedge;due to the unannounced visitation of a dreaded terror guest call “CORONA VIRUS”, that has sent thousands of people in the world to their early grave and also cause a lot of untold hardship on ordinary people in the world; Nigeria Government seems it as a business avenue of investment of looting and milky the treasury of the Nation. Instead of the Government to be sober and find a way to prevent this pandemic from killing it citizenry’s as a call to serve humanity in line with public driven interest. The Federal Government claimed that they have spent 2trillion Naira to it citizens these raises a lot of dust in the air, which led the National Assembly members for the first time in history to question the Federal Government and i quote “NASS to FG- The Presidency will have to explain how they distributed 2trillion to the poor, we need names, how the presidency arrived at their database, we need the demographic spread”. Moreover, The Minister for Finance in quote said” we have this records, on how this money was shared to Nigerians and the records is with the Accountant General of the Federation”. Barely 9hours later, the office of the Accountant General of Federation engulfed by fire…. Its crystal clear that corruption is walking with two strong balance legs in Nigeria. Our Government is more deadly and wicked than the corona virus. A Government that can’t finish sharing 7million Voters card in three years, suddenly share 2Trillion Naira to it citizens in 72hours this is a government of magic it smells “money heist”.The biggest scam in the history of Nigeria with the most daring corruption is been carried out before our very eyes. I have accepted that we have been scammed as usual this country is a joke. Furthermore, after the last post of my write up tittle ” BEAUTIFUL CORONA VIRUS HAVE COME TO TEACH OUR POLITICAL ELITE/LEADERS A LESSON”. I received a called with utmost discontentment and displeasure about the write up. Threat calls from unknown persons that I’m becoming something else. But i don’t give a dime. We elect people to solve our problem but the people we elect becomes our problem. Government should be afraid of the people not the people to be afraid of the Government. The fruit of liberty is the acceptance of freedom. The fruit of liberty may not truly appreciate what it means to be dominated dispossessed,deprived, exploited and oppressed in your own land by the dominant social/political tendencies of the time. I’m not afraid of death neither afraid of going to prison, because prison itself is a treat men does education in the need for patience and perseverance its above all a test for one’s commitment. I can rest only for a moment ,for with freedom come responsibilities, and i dare not linger, for my long walk is not yet ended. I was made by the law, a criminal not because of what i had done, but because of what i stood for because of what i thought because of my conscience. I call on all individuals not to be intimidated by the power and wealth of saboteurs of our Democracy under the umbrella of politics. The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. I love a man that can find strength and smile in trouble that can gather strength from his distress. I say the truth and discuss practical reality because Nigeria interest is bigger than any other selfish interest and as a charismatic crusader that give voice to the voiceless; i shall continue to condemned any act of Executive rascality,impunity and lawless for the betterment of our united country. I am too positive to be doubtful, optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated. Those who don’t understand determination call determination stubbornness or too driven. To be determine is to see it through. I’m here to internalise the virtues of radical transparency, radical truth, ideal meritocracy and open mindedness. The future of a healthy politics in Nigeria is a political environment where there are no corrupt leaders/ hopeless and selfish godfathers to influence decision making policies that govern the lives of the people. The fear of our corrupt and wicked political elite/ leaders is a SNARE. Its good to RESPECT people in high authority but it is DEMONIC to live in FEAR of corrupt and wicked leaders. I call it “The Silent Prison” That has reduce GIANTS to DWARF. That is not our portion we must break out from this menace… ALUTER CONTINUAL, VICTORIA ACERTA .


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