Communication matters to women a lot. You can’t be in a relationship and be out sourcing your duty of communication to someone else. It is very wrong. And some people will say, “Some men are shy to propose to a lady so the lady should help him by proposing to him.”
Such pattern is not good.
It is the duty of a man to sustain a relationship; if he can’t be man enough to initiate a relationship he would be handcapped to sustain it.
Some ladies in such relationships where they helped the man to initiate a relationship, eventually complain that their men can’t take initiatives in their relationships.
See, a lady doesn’t like being ignored, or not being paid attention to. She wants to be the centre of your universe, to take a journey with you through galaxies, to be carried along.
Men are designed to be “carriers” while ladies are designed to be “carried”.
It is pure misfit for a lady to be carrying a man.
It is not fanciful at all.
It is not even romantic.
Keep your relationship alive with strong communication! Communication can’t be cut of from any relationship that wants to survive.

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