We never🤷‍♀️ knew meeting people, staying close to them, hugging, shaking hands freely were favours of Almighty God.
We never🤷‍♀️ knew that walking freely on the streets meeting friends and loved ones in the other neighborhoods were special favours from God.
We never🤷‍♀️ knew that going to work and coming back home freely were sheer favour of God. We often complained of the workload.
We never knew that we were privileged.
We never🤷‍♀️ knew that mingling with our bosses, senior colleagues, sharing experiences about life together were just through the mercies of God, we never knew.
We never🤷‍♀️ knew that going to the house of God freely to worship was indeed a rare privilege.
We never🤷‍♀️ knew that it was a rare privilege being in public buses, commercial cabs, talking freely with other seat May occupants was a favour from God.
God of mercy, now that we know, when the good time returns, may we be counted alive and in sound health. Make our hearts full of gratitude always. Amen🙏🏼
Good day lovely and amazing family of power-in-numbers.blog
Stay home and safe 💕

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