The world is at peace?
I listen, but I cannot hear the voice of mevn,
calling, one to another in hilarious jokes.
So, I strain my ears further,
Still, no sound of women laughing,
or the children crying,
the birds are not singing, neither
the cattle lowing,
the seas have stopped roaring.
There is no noise of trafic,
or the blaring of sirens.
I cannot hear the hustle and bustle,
the senseless shooting in the day,
or the lamentations in the night.
The world is silent.
All, I can hear is:
The siege will soon be over, and the global lockdown lifted.
Then, we can walk and sing again, and give God all the praise!
But, for just a moment, the whole world stood still,
as in a mounted statue.
It appeared, that, for once,
God rested from all our troubles.

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