Gravitation cannot beheld responsible for me falling in love with you. Its hard to express the burning fire of my true love inside of me;only if you are inside my heart to see and feel it. According to the book of love chapter 4 verse 4 says “There are some people that are worth melting for like a candle wax”. that is why my heart is melting for a consummate Sharon stone my heartthrob. Please my heart welcome you to stay and pay no rent; please set me as a seal upon your heart, as a symbol upon your arms for my love is as strong as death. I sleep but my heart is at awake for my love is like a perfume that cant be bought from any supermarket or in shop rite in the world please spray it. My feelings are flood,flow it; even if love is full of thorns, I’ll still embrace it,for i know that in between those thorns,there is a rose that worth the pains. But if you my consummate Sharon stone hate me,do not shoot me on the heart because that’s is where you are. Every tears of mine is a sign of brokenness because i feel love for you,every silence of mine is a sign of loneliness because of your absence,every smile of yours is a sign of happiness of love that heals the broken heart because you radiate like the morning sun. I’m not as Tall and Handsome like King Saul ,neither do i have the Maco strength of Samson,or have the wealth and wisdom of King Solomon in the Bible. But i posses the Heart that LOVE and CARES;which is greater than all. If i open my warmth and soft hands, which doesn’t hurt but full of love and ecstasy will you my consummate Sharon stone of love huge me? If i go for your succulent love lips will you kiss me more? for my touch is electric and your kiss is hypnotic. Please be my driver of my universe and let your heart be mine; i promise not break it for its crystal. Dedicated to my heartthrob in whom I’m well please!!!… From the gentle pure heart of love that speaks. Prince O Premier. CEO, Citadel Of Great Influential Minds Organisation.

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