A man is born today, Tomorrow he is dead.
A man lives in a mansion today, Tomorrow he lives
A man drives a car today, Tomorrow an ambulance
drives him.
A man reads biology today, Tomorrow a biography
is been read of him.
A man eats whatever he wants today, Tomorrow he
becomes food for insects.
A man is always early for work today, Tomorrow he
is termed late Mr/Mrs.
A man is seen resting in his house today, Tomorrow he is resting in a coffin. And they say “Rest In Peace”!
A man eats all kinds of fruits in his house today,
Tomorrow he becomes manure to those trees.
A man is known today as the richest man ever,
Tomorrow he doesn’t even know where or what will
happen to his riches.
What is life after all?
Plan your life because you may not see tomorrow.
But when your life is well planned you won’t Be
afraid of any thing.
Come to think of this?…….

  1. Eternal life = free
  2. Church entrance = free
  3. Christ’s salvation = free
  4. God’s love = free
  5. Breath of life = free
    A. Cigarette = pay
    B. Prostitution = pay
    C. Alcohol pay
    D. Nightclub entrance fee= pay
    E. Powers to rule the world = pay
    Then why are people paying for hell while PARADISE is free?
    Think twice
    Believe in Christ and you shall be saved..
    We always think of Valentine’s day
    Birth day
    Father’s day
    Mother’s day
    Children’s day
    Our day,
    Farmer’s day
    Teacher’s day
    Christmas day
    Independence day
    Boxing day,
    This day,
    That day,
    Day in Day out.
    Have u ever thought of Judgement Day, is it going to be a day of celebration or condemnation for you?
    If you are safe, what about your friends & loved ones. Show them love by telling them about the Judgement Day. Please reach out to your loved ones about this post, let heaven be happy for you today. Please don’t say later, do it now because tomorrow may be too late. Do have a lovely and peaceful Sunday.

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