A Sincere apology turns to a deadly end result;
A man received this message from his neighbor..
Sorry sir, I’ve been using your wife day & night when you’re not at home. In fact, much more than you do. I confess this now because I’m feeling very guilty. Hope you’ll accept my sincere apologies”.I’ll pay if you wish to charge me the service fee .
Immediately after reading the message, the man went for his gun & out of anger, shot his wife dead.
A few minutes later, he received another message:
“Sorry Sir, a spelling mistake…
I meant WiFi_ not ~Wife~.”
We must be very careful how we react to things. Don’t be quick to get angry. Find out the other person’s version of events & allow urself room to reason before U react.
This man killed his innocent wife, just because of a spelling mistake.
PATIENCE is a Virtue.
Let this serve as a caution to us all.
Be slow to get angry. Anger opens the door to other deadly sins. Always take a deep breath before U react
May God help us all.

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