You might not have noticed but there’s a new heartbreaking
trend we are seeing…..
We are losing women in their early 40’s….a few of them due
to cardiac arrest(heart attacks) and a few had strokes……
Let me touch on the effects of unseen, often unspoken
EMOTIONAL PAIN! Though not seen but this pain hurts the
most and leaves unforgettable scars on the heart and brain!
Many women carry untold burdens in their hearts from so
much worry and pain about their marriages, their children,
what the society sees or thinks about us…… many cry daily
because of what a spouse is doing to them….. which they have
no control over.
I know single women in their 40’s who suffer the emotional
pain of not being married or having a child of their own and
constantly have to deal with the constant harassment from
Family, friends and whomever comes to find out about their
status ….. the constant insensitive questions that reminds
them daily of their pain…….hmmmmmm
Women I’m here to SPEAK TO YOU!
You see all those stress you carry on about are only worth
anything if you’re alive!
You MUST continue to fight hard for your sanity, your PEACE of
mind! Just in case you’re wondering, these rest not in the
hands of any HUMAN but YOURSELF!
You MUST find that strength to change some priorities and
Chanel them to other soul satisfying things in your life!
STOP trying to be the SUPER HERO wife, mom, sister,
daughter, girlfriend ALL the time! KNOW when your body and
your mind needs space from certain things! FIND TIME FOR
UNDERSTAND that there might be some things you have no
control over and that you cannot change!
Don’t DEFINE your existence by satisfying societal and cultural
norms, as no matter as hard you try sometimes, some things
are just destined to be……..
FIND time for your physical health, your body, your mental
I write this from a place of Love and Concern for my sisters!
THIS IS TRULY FROM MY HEART! May the lord protect and
prolong your days!!!

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