While heroes are remembered in their graves, cowards takes over and enjoy what they left behind.
April 2020 in Nnewi, Two men living in the same yard killed themselves while fighting, in a bid to show how protective they are to their wives. They are currently lying in the mortuary probably to continue the fight in the afterworld. Let me burst your brain, The wives settled their differences after the death of their husband’s and they are currently together, living peacefully as widows.
May 2020 in Nnewi, while going to deliver my #21stcentury paints and supervise a painting project. A couple on motorcycle collided with a Lexus 330 jeep which also had another couple inside.
The bike man was at fault,but like typical bike men in this country, they are never wrong. As the couple in the jeep came down to accertian the extent of the damages on their car. They received a packed load of insults from the other couple.
They ended with a popular annoying and provoking insult, ”Are you stupid”
The man kept his cool all those while, his car was scratched a little, but he asked his wife to enter the car so they can keep going. His wife couldn’t take it. She rained a hell of insult on those couple and finished up with her husband, telling him how foolish he is and how he is always a coward. Someone scratched your car and insulted you to cap it up and all you could tell me is to” enter the car let’s go”. Cant you fight him? is he not your fellow man?
He still kept mute, while his wife entered the car after her rants. He quietly told his wife, didn’t you hear what they ended with? they said, ”are you stupid?” That’s not an insult, that’s a question. You and I knows the answer, I am not stupid and can never be stupid. While he said this,he turned on his ignition and zoomed off. The bike man and his wife wallowed in guilt back home because passersby actually gave it to them hot. Both families lived happily after.
Same city,same scenario, different reactions, different outcomes.
What point am I trying to make?
What happens to you in life doesn’t matter,it is what you make out of it that matters. The attitude you give to issues determines whether your future will be bright or bleak.
Also, do not allow anyone to control your emotions and push you into doing things you do not want to do, things not morally right or to fight just to prove a point. Master your emotions, Stay calm, try to overlook the things you are better than. It is not cowardice it is called being responsible.
Never you fight dirty with a pig, dirtiness is a pig’s pleasure.
Never fight with a tout, he does not have any reputation to protect.
If you must live long and happy in life, always say no to that spirit that calls you a coward for being responsible.
While heroes of war are remembered in their graves, Cowards takes over and enjoy their properties.
If you kill yourself all because you want to prove a point, people will bury you and life would continue.

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