A true confession
I grew up in a family of many Children
Things were moving and keep moving well for us .
None of us could explain why we had so much favour and wealth and all we needed
We never failed in school and we could not be involved in accidents
Something will just bring us out safely. People will always say that we have juju in us.
Whatever evil they speak or plan against us doesn’t affect us as become sick or fail in life.
I knew it was not ordinary so I set out to personally know why.
It is what I found I have decided to expose to the whole world today without any fear
I found out that we have an elder brother. My Father’s first born. That our father sacrificed him for the family to progress
They used his blood to enter a covenant that nobody in the family should be poor or sick or die Young (Blood money????)
Not just that, what I also discovered again Is that even though a stranger joins our family as long as he becomes a member of our family the covenant will work for him
But Why????
Why would my father Use my elder brothers Life…
This world is immirimious!!
But it is for our good because I discovered that this our eldest brother agreed with our Father before he was sacrificed because he doesn’t want us to suffer.
So I’m posting this to expose His identity so that you will know that am not what am today by my struggle or by chance of luck. It is the blood of our eldest brother that is working for us. I will also expose my father’s identity so the world can know those behind this act.
My Father’s name is – God Almighty, (Loving Father) used Our Brother Jesus Christ ( Our 1st Born (Rom 8:29)) as a Sacrificial Lamb (that was slain).
To save us
To heal us
To bless us
To deliver us
To redeem us
To sanctify us
To open the doors of prosperity for us.
Join our family today as we enjoy this blood sacrifice and
Say –
Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice
I accept you as my Lord and Saviour and I believe you died and rose again to save, bless and heal me.
Thank you for this great love on us. I will forever be grateful for your 💓 love.
Please share my confession with others. Do happy a blissful Sunday.

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