A man that will enjoy his old age,is a man that takes good care of his wife in the present of their children now and grow old to together as one.
A man that maltreat the wife,cheat on wife because he is in charge and young now ,suffer at old age,both from the wife and from the children,because your children are watching whatever being done to their now.
A woman that take very good care of her husband,even in midst of errors of the man,look beautiful,sound and healthy everyday,because the husband always go extra step,to lift every of her burden.
Whatever relationship, you live with your spouse now,will determine how your old age will be.
A couple that never have time together now,can never have time together at old age.
A couple that never enjoy themselves together now can never enjoy themselves together at old age.
So Whatever you do to your spouse now,consider your tomorrow.
God created marriage for husband and wife to enjoy yourselves,whatever blessings in your family,is for both of you to intimately create time to drink wine with your spouse, enjoy sex with your spouse, explore on your both feeling together for emotional satisfaction, share view together, share vision together, talk about yourselves together.
Enjoy your weekend with your spouse.

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