Thinking about what others will say about you in the genuine pursuit of your dream is a trap to keep you stagnant.
Everyone eventually runs a plan, consciously or unconsciously.
If you don’t plan to run your plan, you will run other people’s plans and you can’t fight another person’s tournament and receive his trophy. It’s impossible!
*. Wake up to your responsibility.
*. Discover your purpose.
*. Design your plan.
*. Arrange your strategy.
*. Raise a winning team.
*. Dress up with discipline and commitment.
*. Be daring and adventurous.
*. Avoid being intimidated.
*. Persist and be consistent in your pursuit.
*. Be encouraged, smile and celebrate every stage.
*. You are not a mistake but a miracle.
*. Expect to succeed in your endeavours.
*. Always remind yourself that you are the best kind of yourself.
Your trophies await you to claim them…. Rise up to the task and take what rightly belongs to you. You are more than who you think you are.
You’re more than a conqueror. Make the unusual to become usual for you to be a prominent person in the egalitarian societal of ours, for things don’t just happen; people make things to happen. We are equal in Christ but not equal in value. Until your life is single in a phrase your life has no value or meaning, but you are just existing and that is a waste to heavenly resources. therefore emancipate yourself from mental slavery and brace up. Never forget that you have all it take’s to take on the world, for the fundamental capacities required is deposited inside of you.

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