1. Nothing makes life sweeter than making people happy
2. The people you help today become your soldiers in the battle of life tomorrow
3. To invest in properties is good but to invest in people is far far better.
4. Try to make money, but try also to make people great.
5. Your greatest trophies are the tears you wipe away from people’s faces not the things you acquire.
6. Your greatest achievement should be raising achievers.
7. People will defend, stand by you & honour when they realise you value them
8. Don’t let an ingrate stop you from making others Great. Therefore, let’s make it happen,today is My Birthday celebration and also my Country Nigeria Independence Day. Help me to make it more extra special and memorable day for me and the less privilege ones. If everyone can give a token that could make all the difference and to put a smile on the less privilege on the street who don’t have means to feed and Almighty God will bless you all beyond count!!! Please join me to reach out to the orphans.
Make your donations to this account:
Account Number: 0161416815
Bank Name : Guaranty Trust Bank
Phone Number: +234 7063696674. +234 8024593128 Email:

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