Nation building peace and Tranquility are not built by abstract figures nor established by supernatural entities, long lasting peace is built and nurtured by both individuals and cooperate efforts gingered and centered on developmental programs. The fundamental Objective is to successfully formulate a viable information network between the public, government and law enforcement agencies,culminating towards Ensuing the sustainability of peace, security and harmony, being major Catalyst for the social and economic development of a country. If you don’t want to be Activated, Don’t be captivated whatever images that Captivate you Ends up making you a captive. Vision precedes provision. Passion is the passport of champions. The Red sea parts and stands at attention to salute those who know where they are going. Impossibility is nothing once you are convinced and focused on where you are going. Never give up in life because only the strong survive and only the wise excel. You can achieve and be whatever you want to be if you work hard in it and don’t loose hope. Be inspired.

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