Good orientation eliminates poor enlightenment, wrong
mindset, high-handedness,barbaric/inhuman actions,lack of
respect for human lives.
It brings sanity, good behavioral attitudes, exemplary
leadership,true embodiments of sincerity in decisions making,
holistic actions, transformation, reengineering of our mind,love
for one another, cordial working relationships across the
various operational systems that involves the leaders and
followers,as well as civility.
National Orientatio Agency,…finds it difficult to have voice in
certain decisions , many States Orientation Agencies are
burried under certain Ministries with heads that seek political
powers above services to humanity, without adequate
sponsorship and consideration of how it will bring the minds
of the govern to cooperation, collaboration, and supportive
measures as feedback mechanism to the Government which
will aid in decisions making…
Good Orientation, cut across all levels of governance. It
involves the proper advocacy/ sensitisation of the people for
better Society with good marketable policies and programmes
that has to do with the well being of the masses, and not the
intended favours that those in the helm of affairs intends to
get in enriching their pockets, building mansions for
themselves and families, buying big big exotic cars, and
moving from one hotels room to another for vanity sake.
Today, we are faced with human challenges brought about by
poor Orientation via bad Leadership systems across board and
not limited to anyone alone. Both in the family, community,
local government, state, and down to the federal level.
You engage in things that benefits you, your family, your
Company without doing any due diligence whether it can
positively imparts on the people and yet expect them to be
happy with you.
Give Good all, refine their conscience with
proper ideologies, fill their mindset with positive values ,make
them understand that you are out to make impacts or die
Stop being self-centered, stop the greed, stop the
acclimatization of wealth to yourself, stop using our resources
to buy companies abroad, while you endangers the lives of the
Youths with slavery, poverty, unemployment, oppressions,
brutality and lost of hope.
Hey !
You can pretend to be a good man, but many around you
knows that you are not.
Eye services….is no longer available, you can be a preacher of
good society and yet be the one committing the most
inhuman things and secretly indulging in bad behaviours .
God is watching you !
Turn from your bad actions and embrace the principle of the
royalty of service delivery.
Be a man of good orientation….and stop being pretentious in
your actions.
Together, we can make our land better ! Prince Orgies premier. The Political Eagle Icon of the Niger Delta Region Nigeria has spoken.

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