We are giant of Africa but nothing to giant about what an irony of practical reality, for the Mighty Hills has fallen causing political and economic oblivion. So much hunger in the land for the Green land is no longer Green. A hungry stomach, an empty wallet and a broken heart is the order of the day, which has made it the most valuable lesson of life on how we will choose our leaders. Setting the rules for our development and not being lectured and governed by those who consider us inferior is a sign of freedom from political and economic slavery. COVID 19 palliative which ought to have been distracted to the poorest and most valuable people during the knockdown was hijacked by our demonic political leaders. This Government is worst than megalomania. The Nigerian authorities asked people to stay at home as a protective knockdown measure but then failed to discharge a legal responsibility to timely, effective, and transparently distribute COVID 19 palliative from the international Donor’s to ease the hardship faced by the poorest and most valuable people. Sincerely speaking we have demon’s as leader’s keeping human being in total hunger during and after the lock down while FOOD is in warehouses spoiling is UNTHINKABLE. Our leaders are purely evil. People are literally dying of hunger. Children are roaming the streets as almajiris and our political leaders are hoarding FOODS in massive warehouses its unthinkable. Even Joseph in the Bible didn’t store this kind of food during famine in Egypt…. I know he will be in shock right now in heaven. Nigerian political leaders has broken Joseph record. The current dire situation of the Country is attributable to the fact that as a people we have failed to Marshall a common sense of purpose. It appears that we are a people without a common destiny. Our politicians lack any ideological basis for their politics hence cannot as a matter of fact be propelled and guides by any. It appears that both leaders and the led are in state of intellectual comma lacking the basic intelligence and expertise that makes for a pragmatic, vibrant and prosperous society. In this comatose state , we lack the ability to even dream rather we just stumble on, on the bumpy road of our daily existence, often appearing tired, battered and abused on our journey to nowhere. For me I feel lost because it appears that I have found myself in a placeless place, in a dreamless land and a country of no consequence which is a far cry from the Country of my dreams. Waking up in Nigeria is akin to waking up to inertia, hopelessness, absurdity, with a vast majority of fellow citizen moving about like zombies having no care about the Country of their birth. Nigeria and Nigeria infuses into one a tranquilizer whose main purpose is to immobilize your sense of dignity, to be indifferent to the corruption and degradation around and carry on with the humdrums of life as if all is okay. I have never seen a more docile, domesticated and immobilized citizenry as Nigerians. There is an eerie sense of contentment in their squalid, abused and degraded state buffered by fatalism and ameliorated by religion. The youths of this Country will continue to live a hopeless existence until they are genuinely disenchanted, until they are emancipated and demand with every sense of dignity a right to dignified existence, a right to functional institutions and a right to personal and societal advancement. Until then we are the architects of the pitiful situation we find ourselves. I Remain Prince Othuke Premier. The Political Eagle Icon of the Niger Delta Region. CEO Citadel of Great Influential Minds Organization.

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