A man had a quarrel with his wife yesterday morning. She was angry with him and the man was also very angry with her. The man tried to tell her what she did was bad, and all the man wanted was for her to accept corrections.
She in turn had her own reasons for doing what she did, and she blames it on him for making her do what she had done. Not until him accept her own mistake, she was not ready to accept hers.
Both shouted vehemently at each other before the man left the house. The man said I had no time to listen to her anymore, as he was already tired of exchanging words and as such, he was already running late for work.
While walking away she said to him.
“Come back here. So you are now running? Keep running. Run and I will be here waiting for you. But just know there will be no dinner for you. In fact, I won’t cook for you anymore.”
“Who even wants to eat your food? I will not eat.” the man fired back at her angrily before driving off.
That day after work, while driving home, the thought to himself. Hence she was not going to be cooking for me, the man in turn decided to stay back late and not eat. He stopped by at a friends house and they got talking for a while. He was married and his wife had also become a very good friend of his wife.
They asked him what had happened and why you had refused going home. The man explained things to them. The man told them about the fight he had with his wife that morning, and how she had failed to see things my way. We laughed over it. They tried to advise the man to go home, but the man noticed they were also careful not to take sides.
The man later returned home by 10pm that night. Although the man was no more angry, the man had prepared himself for the worst.
When he got back home he found his food long served on the dining. It was still warm. The man was famished and walked to the plates already salivating. When he opened them the aroma of a sweetly cooked vegetable soup welcomed him . He didn’t waste anytime. He immediately sat down and began to eat.
While eating his wife appeared behind him . She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ears.
“Monkey, thought you said you will not eat my food again.”
Just then it struck him. How we say things we don’t mean out of anger. How we promise things we can’t keep just because we needed to make those promises. The man had to cover his small shame, so he raised his head and stared into her eyes.
“Thought you said you won’t cook for me again.”
“You know I always do. You just didn’t want to understand me. You were so annoying.” She said
She sat beside him and explained in a better way. The man understood with her. He realised he also had a fault. Probably the vegetable soup he was eating was now re arranging my head. The man apologised for failing to understand her earlier. She also apologised too.
So many relationship have shattered because of the lack of understanding and ego between both parties. So many words which have been said out of anger, has also been taken seriously.
I have come to understand that the ability of partners to understand themselves, determines when quarrels are being resolved. Don’t let a night pass without you resolving a fight between you and your partner. If one partner refuses to drop his or her ego, drop yours and make peace. It is the first step to reconciliation.
Good day my wonderful people.

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