Life after graduation: The place of Certificates and opportunities!

I saw two copies of certificates of two graduates days ago.
Bsc Chemistry certificates submitted to an uncle which he claimed have been with him for 10yrs.
One is for a lady who had 2.1, and the second is for a guy who had 3rd class.
Same course, same school and same graduating year.
10yrs after, the guy with third class is now into event management, and has made a huge success out of it. I was told of his name and I goggled him. I admired what I saw.
He is now more successful than the uncle he dropped the CV to 10yrs ago, who choped small money through local politics.
Well, the lady with 2.1 had also been teaching chemistry in a school in Ibadan and recently lost her job.
Life has been difficult and she called the uncle again and the man said, “don’t worry I still have your certificates with me”.
So, the uncle searched for it and I ran into them while he was checking and he said, “Hmn Life”.
I tried to know why he sighed and he showed me the place of Life in everything.
The two are like his area brother and sister.
The uncle used to guide them till they got admitted to OAU.
Today, the 3rd class guy still helps his female friend by sorting her out financially many times.
This is what I realised from this.
While I agree life is unfair – I told him, I think people with poor grades often take life more serious, because they have little chances with getting jobs if not connected.
They moved on to what else they can do that doesn’t need certificate and because there is no middle ground, they face it squarely and most times do well.
When you around, you may realise that people with poor grades in your undergraduate days may not be really doing bad in life if not doing better. It shows certificates doesn’t determine life success but what you offer to life and how you see it.
I remembered the story of the guy that started scratch card business in Nigeria for WAEC and JAMB. He said he wasted his time on campus playing, and paying little attention to his academic only to realise that he is finished after school because there is almost no one to employ him with his grade. Then he buckled up, started packing designer wears to banks, learn skills and today the rest is history.
Also, I feel some people with 1.1/2.1/2.2 always place their success in life around the certificates and they make it appear like they can’t do without it. Rather than searching for opportunities, they are always looking for job.
You will see a 48yrs old man who has never gotten a good job with the certificate since graduation still seriously looking for one, and you will be too scared to ask if there are not something else to do as a man that only requires knowledge but not certificates.
Also, I remember the story I was told years ago of two young men, who were sent to an uncle to be helped.
The uncle asked them, what do you want me to do for you.
One said, I just need money and a good office Job.
And he was given few cash and was sent to a factory of the uncle’s friend, where he worked for years as a supervisor and the business closed down after few years.
He came back again years after and the man helped him finds another job, in an hotel as a supervisor too. He had been working there for years but never stopped calling the uncle to sort him out financially because his salary has never been enough for his family care.
And for the second guy.
When asked what he needs, he said “I need your advice on things I can do to become someone in life, Uncle”.
The Uncle was shocked! Quite strange.
And the man asked him – don’t you need job?
He said, If you think that is best for me. I trust your judgement.
And the Uncle asked, what kind of Job?
He said, a Job that can put me off poverty bracket. The man was shocked again, and he replied, Well, what you need is Truthfulness, Opportunity and links .
I will advice you, but if only you will take the advice.
Then the man gave him a tipper to work with. He monitors the driver from quarry to sites and help monitor the business.
The uncle an Alhaji, gets the business offers, the guy supervises the loading and supply.
Soon, he started asking him to meet this person and so so person in the construction business line. And after few years, the guy does not only own his own tippers but has become a highly successful builder in Ibadan with houses in their home town and many other places in the country.
You know the interesting part? The first guy working in hotel for years has an OND while the second has only School Cert.
It is real life story of two siblings.
I heard it when the man with school cert always pay for his much educated brother. In fact the kids of the first guy are being sponsored by the second who is into construction. They are very close and should be in their late 50’s now.
What I see is that life is unfair really but most of us often don’t explore beyond what certificates could offer us. Rather we should think more of what our intellect and hands can bring to the table to help mankind.
We want the comfort of the moment which may not last.
I remember the viral news in form of question few years ago, that says “if you are lucky to meet dangote, what question will you ask him and what request will you ask”.
A guy said, make him just give me job oo. As if he will make him the Controller general of Obajana cement.
I think, sometimes all we need is a link to make it in life. Life is now more about who God gives you the grace to meet. When you meet opportunity, be careful of what yo wish for. There are too many jobs around that can only take care of your present needs but will still make you to start ranting in five years time. Good paying jobs require more skills. You need to be prepared for that to be spot on.
My Aunt said one day, “I pray for better Jobs for you” and I said, no ma, “pray for better opportunities and prosperity wisdom”. If I have better Job I may not buy you a house anytime soon but with better opportunity and wisdom, I can make it for life. And she smiled.
My Final take!
If you come out with a poor grade, don’t give up on yourself. Let it sink that you tried your best but it wasn’t just enough. And that’s why you have to sit more tighter than the rest.
Also, If you have been jobless for years and you’re reading this, what you need to make it in life, to put food on the table, not to beg, to afford your needs may not be in someone getting you a job but a link and you may not get that link until you start doing something for yourself that exposes you for leverage and better links.
For now, you may have to get a plan B.
Yes, if Job comes, fine and If it doesn’t, look for something else.
Don’t keep calling someone you called 10yrs ago in 2010 for jobs again in 2020. Almost everyone has people around them looking for Jobs, and before they think of you, they are already helping closer ones.
If you are a painter, tiler, web designer. People may be more willing to help you with link to those jobs from friends and associates than your request for monies to start a business, to pay for your kids school fees or a need for Job.
If Dangote links you up as a good painter, or gives you his signed business card to take it to certain places, you may end up painting up the Aso villa and best of homes from best of real estate moguls in Nigeria.
Why! Because riches are connected.
Prepare yourself for opportunities as much as you do for jobs. You may not be employable for ever but knowledge acquired that is needed by many may make you useful even in 70’s and may make you stand out on your own without looking for people to absorb you.
I hope someone finds meaning in this.
Don’t give up.

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