Love is a circle, so cute and sweet in the beginning but gets boring at some point in which at that point just tolerance and understanding can keep you both. Plethora at times most people misunderstand that stage and think the love is dead, they decided to seek happiness elsewhere not knowing they sure will get to the previous stage again. It’s just a circle. That is why falling in love isn’t just enough. But being in it with someone matured enough and really understand what it takes. Please take note of this advice :
1)Any man looking for a good wife material, should make himself a good fashion designer “Tailor” as well. Don’t waste the material. A good husband is not a man who is rich or handsome. He is a Man who knows the value of a woman.
2)Don’t look for a Virgin as a Wife, Get a Woman with good manners, Virginity Ends in just one Night, but Good manners last forever.
3) Respect the woman who value your attention more than your money. They are very Rare.
Advice for ladies out there :
1) Virginity is not enough to sustain life relationship. You have to develop your mental capacity to match your man. Develop mental strength :Be an asset not a liability. You have to combine beauty and character. Any out ward beauty without inner beauty is useless.
2)No matter how beautiful you are with pointed arrow breast you have a man will not ask your beauty or your pointed arrow breast in marriage. Rather your hand in marriage attitude is everything.
To All Out There :
Not every man is after sex and not every woman is after money, some just need peace of mind and true love. While some men need your brain and attitude to support their dreams, so women polish your brain more than your face. In retrospective of all, Sex is a pleasure, Love is an affection, Respect is stability Re Refine your attitude and character and mind set to meet that husband or wife of your dreams. So that you will not be left out running from pillar to post. In every “Nonsense ” you feel people say or write about, there’s always some Sense…. All you have to do is to take away the “Non” there and make use of the “Sense” you see in it. Hope I just make a common sense that is not common. I remain Prince Othuke Premier CEO Citadel of Great Influential Minds Organization.

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