A Goat decided to take an adventure one Sunday morning along the line, the goat saw an opening in the fence of a beautiful garden. The goat entered and fed itself fat with almost everything in the garden. When the goat wanted to get out, the space was sadly too small for its current size. So, it had to stay back and get slim before escaping through the same helpful hole it came in.
Our life on this earth is like that of the goat, absolutely with nothing. We entered this world through a “small hole”. Then we try to get almost everything in this world for ourselves. *Some kill, maim, cheat and destroy others in the name for wealth accumulation or in the name of survival. From dawn to dusk, we step on others’ toes and possibly eliminate them for our own selfish ends, just for reasons of *position, placement or prestige.*
Like the goat, a time will come when we will have to leave this world. We shall have no option but *to leave everything for which we laboured, killed and destroyed others behind. The cars, buildings, positions, offices, marriage, children, academic achievements and the power et al., would all be left behind. Many people have demonstrated that earlier. This is really very true because they left the scene with nothing. May be you’re a beneficiary of what someone else left behind. Can you ask yourself too….Where is the owner now?
You and I too shall leave just like he/she did. If our lives on earth is like the goat, then, *why do we create enemies for ourselves*, be it in the family, at work, in the community and even in religious circles? We must think beyond the things in this world. Learn to forgive and rejig our relationship with other people around us. Others have gone before us and we’ll also follow one day…. Let’s re-evaluate our approach to life.
Let your volition be good at all times.

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